The Advocacy Toolkit is a guide to advocating for solutions to diaper need and working to ensure that the basic needs of all children and families are met, in your community and across America. Raising awareness is the first step to addressing a problem and increased awareness helps diaper banks help more children and families.


Why advocate?

Diaper need is a silent crisis in America, one that cannot be addressed by private diaper banks alone. Policies and programs that support providing one of the most basic needs of all babies and their families, access to clean, dry diapers need champions to speak up in support.

Why should I be involved?

Acting together — individuals, diaper banks, faith-based institutions, service providers, businesses, organizations and elected officials — we can get diapers to all babies in need. Our work would not be possible without this support.

Take Action

The National Diaper Bank Network provides you the resources you need to raise awareness about diaper need. Use these resources to find out more about different types of advocacy work and decide what will work for you.  Good luck and have fun!