Member Directory

Wondering what diaper banks are in your state? Check out the Member Directory to see what organizations are working to end diaper need in communities across the country.

NDBN Annual Member Survey

NDBN conducts a survey of member diaper banks each year and compiles the information into this report.  The survey collects data regarding the operations of the diaper bank including diapers distributed, population served, diaper acquisition, fundraising and finance, governance, and advocacy during the previous calendar year.  Check out the 2018 Annual Survey of National Diaper Bank Members here.

Diaper Need by the Numbers

Check out the national statistic infographic on factors related to diaper need.

Baby Diaper Facts by State 

To see how states stack up when it comes to diapers and helping improve the well-being of babies and families, check out the State Baby Diaper Facts infographic for each state.

Each state infographic contains information about number of children and percent living in poverty,  statistics on SNAP, WIC, TANF, and Medicaid births, cost of child care and diapers, Early Head Start participation, and how NDBN members are helping to fill the diaper gap.  Data sources can be found here.

Diaper Bank Progress by State 

Go to the Diaper Bank Progress by State page to see how diaper need is being met in your state.

Diaper Distribution by State from 2013 to 2016

The maps below show the number of diapers distributed each year by NDBN member diaper banks by state.