Policies to address diaper need can be enacted at the local level to make diapers available to families.

Look to see what your local community has done to assess the diaper and health needs and children and families.

Here are examples of counties that have conducted health assessments to find out just that!

Alachua County Children’s Services Needs Assessment 2016 – Alachua County and the WellFlorida Council, a state designated local health council, partnered to conduct a children’s services needs assessment to gain perspective on the major issues impacting school readiness for children, prenatal to 5, as well as the contributing factors associated with those issues.

King County Community Health Indicators – Trends over time 2000 forward – A collaborative of 12 hospitals and health systems in King County and Public Health – Seattle & King County – joined forces to identify the most important health needs and assets in the communities they serve.