Month: May 2016

Inequality can cause rashes and urinary tract infections

The following column appeared originally on DailyKos on May 30, 2016, and is reprinted here in its entirety.  By Laura Clawson / DailyKos My infant son peed while I was in the middle of changing him the other night, causing me to think about inequality. I got the old diaper off, got the new one […]

NDBN Goes to Washington

The National Diaper Bank Network’s (NDBN) inaugural Lobbying Day activities were a huge success as diaper bank leaders from around the country gathered in Washington, D.C., May 11 – 12.  We are thrilled to share an excerpt from a U.S. News and World Report article that posted last night.  “…The National Diaper Bank Network is lobbying […]

A Mother’s Day Wish for Moms in Poverty

  The following column by National Diaper Bank Network Executive Director Joanne Goldblum originally appeared May 5, 2016 in the Impact What Works section of The Huffington Post. For some mothers, there will be no flowers or brunches this Mother’s Day, because their families cannot afford gifts. These moms are rarely celebrated. But they should be. Raising kids without enough money to […]