Op-ed: Sometimes diapers are the solution to maternal depression

Today, we’re kicking off the annual Diaper Need Awareness Week with an important op-ed by National Diaper Bank Network CEO Joanne Samuel Goldblum.

Writing on ctViewpoints.org, she says, “Common sense and research both tell us that meeting a family’s basic needs establishes the foundation for children and their families to realize their full potential.”

“Far too often we conflate poverty with mental illness. Advances in brain science teach us that people living in poverty are frequently depressed and anxious. Depression and anxiety are rational responses to their circumstances. You cannot medicate or counsel someone struggling to clean and clothe her child into a sense of well-being, but you can help, probably more quickly and cheaply than through the traditional clinical intervention. Any mother screened for post-partum depression should be asked about basic needs and if necessary given help to obtain them.”

“All professionals who serve people in poverty should be trained to recognize when resources are affecting behavior, rather than automatically pathologize patients or, even worse, impugn their character.”

The full op-ed is available here.  

We encourage you to share the op-ed and help us end #DiaperNeed.


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