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One Illinois Podcast: “Diapers Are a Luxury?”

In advance of Diaper Need Awareness Week, the news organization is running a series of stories and a podcast on #DiaperNeed. Check out the podcast which features interviews with National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) members Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank (Galesburg, Ill.) and Daughters of Destiny (Chicago) and NDBN’s General

National Diaper Bank Network Participates in MIT Policy Hackathon

The National Diaper Bank Network, along with the New Haven MOMs Partnership, recently participated in the MIT Policy Hackathon: Data to Decisions. Data to Decisions is a new 48-hour hackathon convened by MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems, and Society that aims to address some of today’s most relevant societal challenges while fostering

Concentrated Poverty Isolates, Harms Children

The following column, written by National Diaper Bank Network CEO Joanne Goldblum, originally appeared March 21, 2017 on The Huffington Post Impact.   If you have to be poor, it’s best to do it in a mixed-income neighborhood. That dramatically increases the chances that there will be a supermarket nearby, that