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National Diaper Bank Network’s Executive Director Joanne Goldblum’s latest blog post on food stamps, POTUS, and poverty:  Most Powerful Man in the World Grew Up on Food Stamps.

“When we talk about child poverty, we often dwell on the suffering. We talk about kids who have rashes because their parents can’t afford fresh diapers. We talk about the extreme disadvantage a kid from a struggling household faces in school.

But we should also be talking about potential. We should talk about how when you meet the needs of a low-income family, you get kids who turn out ready to make contributions to our society. In not emphasizing their potential, we do a disservice to the people we serve. And we bolster stereotypes based on ignorance…The leader of the free world grew up on Food Stamps. Every child has potential. It is in society’s best interest to make sure that potential is realized…”

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