diaper need awareness weekSeptember 25 to October 1, 2017

Request a Proclamation

It’s time to get those 2017 proclamation requests into your Governor, State Legislators, City Council, County Commission, and Mayor!  

Below are tools to help you issue the requests, including Proclamation Guidelines by State, and templates for a sample cover letter as well as suggested language for the proclamations.

Requests for proclamations can be made to governors, state legislatures, mayors, city councils, county commissions, and other elected officials. In 2016, the diaper bank community secured proclamations from 34 statewide elected officials and 119 cities or counties.

Let’s try to get proclamations from all 50 states!

Proclamation Guidelines by State 2017


Sample Cover Letter for Diaper Need Awareness Week 2017 Proclamation Request


City Proclamation Proposal Template 2017


State Proclamation Proposal Template 2017


Diaper Need Awareness Week 2017 Logo



(download graphic here)


Why Proclamations Matter

A key action that community diaper banks can achieve in support of Diaper Need Awareness Week is to request that their elected officials—governors and state legislatures, mayors and city councils, county supervisors and commissioners—issue a proclamation declaring Diaper Need Awareness Week in the respective jurisdiction.

Largely symbolic, proclamations serve several important functions:

  • Proclamations may spur state officials (governor or state legislators) to consider changes in policy to lessen diaper need in the state.
  • Proclamations provide a political benefit to the elected official in showing that the office cares about children in need in the state/city/county, and allows the official to highlight the good work of the diaper bank(s) serving the community.
  • Proclamations introduce the issue of diaper need, complete with specifics about child poverty in the area, to elected officials and staff.
  • Proclamations inform elected officials of the critical value of organizations like diaper banks in helping to address diaper need.
  • Proclamations provide a state/community-wide platform to talk about diaper need and the role of diaper banks in addressing the problem.
  • Proclamations boost media attention by highlighting the issue of diaper need, the work of diaper banks, and the actions of the governor and other state and local officials.


Email a picture of your signed proclamation and we will add it to our website and fill in your state in the Proclamation Map!

What Is Diaper Need

The lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or toddler clean, dry and healthy.

Diaper Need Awareness Week is an initiative of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) created to mobilize efforts to help make a difference in the lives of the nearly 5.2 million babies in the U.S. aged three or younger who live in poor or low-income families.

Acting together — individuals, diaper banks, faith-based institutions, service providers, businesses, organizations and elected officials — we can get diapers to all babies in need.


  • Inform your elected officials
  • Increase awareness within your state & community
  • Promote opportunities for you to talk and help raise diapers & dollars
  • Champion change led by you, diaper bankers, and our supporters

Click here for a list of 2017 Proclamations


"I recently had a baby girl. She is 3 months old. I also have two other daughters 5 and 9. I raise them all on my own and have recently been diagnosed with a seizure disorder... I can only work part time light duty. Needless to say things have gotten extremely hard in the past 3 months. I really need some extra help in any way possible especially with diapers, wipes and clothes until I can get back on my feet. "


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