Visit Your U.S. Rep. & Senators this Summer!



NDBN Lobby Day has come and gone, but you can still continue to advocate for the bill. You can write to your representative, and we have a template you can use.

Or invite your Representative to visit your diaper bank or see a diaper distribution! They will be home for the entire month of August, but their schedules will be booked quickly, so now is the time to invite them. What better way for a congressional representative to spend an hour getting to know first hand about constituent concerns than to see diaper bank in action? 

Some tips for inviting and planning a congressional visit. 

1. Call early, and expect that there will be some back and forth about the schedule.

2. Plan for no more than one hour. Congressional representatives have VERY busy schedules. 

3. Provide a rough agenda, including the names and titles of whom the representative will meet.

4. This is your chance to talk about what you do–do not expect the representative to make a speech unles you have coordinated it first with the office. 

5. Show off your warehouse, or a distribution, or some other aspect of what you do–make it visual and real. 

6. Be flexible. An opening may develop in the representative’s schedule with very little notice. And if August doesn’t work out, there will be opportunities in September, October, November, etc. 

There is no better illustration of what a diaper bank is than to see one in person!


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