Kate Aravich

After raising her daughter as an ‘almost’ stay-at-home mom, Kate worked for nine years as the part-time development director at her daughter’s Catholic school, and served on the boards of Catholic Charities of Idaho, Bishop Kelly High School and the Idaho Catholic Foundation.

While at Bishop Kelly, Kate’s daughter formed a service project entitled “The Diaper Depot” to encourage diaper drives at all the local schools, and distributed those diapers to agencies in need. When she was graduating in May of 2014 and heading off to college, Shawna Walz was incorporating the Idaho Diaper Bank. In Fall of 2014, fortuitous circumstances brought Shawna and Kate together, and Kate joined the brand new board of the IDB, serving as secretary for 2.5 years before transitioning to the executive director position. Kate has a masters in business administration from Villanova University and a bachelor of arts in business management from Franklin & Marshall College.