Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams is the Founder and Director of the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank. Having experienced diaper need as a newly divorced, single mom in grad school, when Jess heard about the huge number of moms across the country who don’t have enough diapers she was moved to start a Diaper Bank in St. Louis.
Jess recognized that without the support of family, friends, and social service organizations who helped during her times of crisis, she wouldn’t have been able to finish school and move forward in life and that other mothers struggling with the material shortage of poverty need the same sorts of support.
Jessica’s passion lies in connecting people with the resources and information they need to live empowered and satisfying lives and to do work they believe in. Her experience with public policy, community organizing, coalition building, and encouraging public engagement in important social issues supports her as she strives to make the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank an organization that both supports families and encourages public engagement in wiping out diaper need in St. Louis. In addition to her work as the Executive Director of the STL Diaper Bank, Jessica is an adjunct professor of public policy at St. Louis University in the School of Public Health and Social Justice and has worked in state-level budget and tax policy advocacy and health policy advocacy. Jessica lives in St. Louis with her husband and five children in a house full of legos, books, and laundry. She can be reached at