Kori Andreoli Lusignan

Ms. Lusignan is a freelance organizational development consultant, executive coach, and skilled facilitator with years of experience working with a variety of organizations and leaders, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

Focused on change—specifically, individual behavior change to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals—Ms. Lusignan believes that creating a sense of self-efficacy (the belief of capability) within her clients is a critical factor in their overall effectiveness. To that end, in her graduate research, Ms. Lusignan combined qualitative and quantitative research methods to identity seven statistically-significant factors which correlate to successful individual health behavior change within an organizational wellness program. Kori is known for her thoughtful assessment, her exuberant speaking, her quick problem-solving and communication skills, and her sense of humor. She believes strongly that individuals who know that they are learning and growing on the job are both happier and more effective, and works to develop people’s strengths to this end.

Prior to starting her own practice, Ms. Lusignan was a researcher, writer, research manager and designer at a prominent national health care consulting firm.

Ms. Lusignan holds a Master of Science Degree in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently resides in Lake Mary, Florida, with husband and daughter, where she enjoys cooking, writing, traveling, singing, and playing oboe.