Megan Fischer

Megan is the CEO and founder of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank in Cincinnati, OH. Sweet Cheeks has grown from distributing 3,500 diapers a month to 43,000 diapers a month in a little over a year.

Prior to leaving the corporate world to run Sweet Cheeks full time, Megan worked for educational technology company Cengage Learning, starting in manufacturing and ending her career there developing print and digital education materials for college-level business and marketing courses. Her degree is in Journalism and Creative Writing, and she is proud to be an English major who has a real job. Megan is passionate about work-life balance and working smart, and wants to help other small diaper banks and nonprofits grow gracefully without losing their passion for their mission. When she’s not eyeballs-deep in diapers, Megan listens to tons of audio books, wrangles her two toddlers and dreams up new house projects for her husband to complete.