2020 Workshops & Sessions

The 2020 U.S Conference on Poverty and Basic Needs will feature a wide variety of professional presentations that addresses important issues facing today’s diaper banking and child advocacy community. Stay tuned to learn more about 2020’s presentations.

2019 workshops and sessions included:

  • Social Justice, Equity and Inclusiveness
  • Meeting Diaper Need through Times of Chaos and Crisis
  • Strategic Planning: How to Get Started and Keep Moving
  • Board of Director Basics
  • Legal Checkup: Stay Legally Healthy and Protect Your Nonprofit
  • Increasing Capacity through Community Partnerships
  • Legislation vs. Regulation: What’s the Difference and Why It Matters.
  • Advocacy 101
  • How to Tell Your Story: Fast Pitch Expert Tips
  • Crucial Conversations: Navigating Difficult Discussions
  • Business Writing for Diaper Bank Leaders
  • Strategic Digital Planning
  • Funds for Change for First Time Grants
  • Major Giving
  • Fundraising for Faith-based Organizations
  • Value Added Volunteering: Move Your Volunteers to Donors
  • What to Expect When You’re Scaling a Program
  • Mobile Diaper Banks: Reach New Populations and Respond to Disaster
  • Generational Poverty, Wrap Around Services and Assisting the Whole Family
  • Promote Early Language and STEM Learning through Your Diaper Program
  • Collect Data and Document Outcomes to Enhance Grants and Social Media
  • Warehouse Expansion Success without (too much) Stress
  • and more!

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