Advocacy Tools

Know Your Issue

The first step to being an advocate is educating yourself on the issues that are important to you. As an advocate for diaper need, learn aboutĀ diaper need in America, get the latestĀ diaper facts, and become familiar with theĀ baby diaper statistics in your state.

Speak Powerfully

Talking about diaper need is a lot like talking about poverty being that the two are closely entertwined.Ā, a grassroots antipoverty advocacy organization, has developedĀ EPIC Laser TalksĀ to create short and compelling advocacy presentations.Ā  Using the EPIC Laser Talks formula, youĀ Engage your audience, state theĀ Problem,Ā Inform them about possible solutions, and provide aĀ Call to Action. We suggest using theĀ EPIC Laser Talk checklistĀ to help you prepare.

Connect with your Federal, State, and Local Elected Officials

Connecting with your federal, state and local elected officials makes a difference. Tell them about diaper need and other basic needs in your community. Find links to FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL elected officials atĀ Locate your Senators and Congressional representatives at and House.govLocate your State Legislators atĀ

Effective Ways to Advocate

Watch our advocacy animation to explore ways you can advocate to end diaper need in your community, statewide and across the country.