Receive Free Diapers and Other Incontinence Supplies Via Medicaid

The National Diaper Bank Network is proud to welcome Aeroflow Urology as a supporter of our work to help all people access the material basic necessities required to thrive.

Aeroflow helps adults and children with incontinence who are covered by Medicaid receive diapers, pull-ons, wipes, and other supplies for free through their insurance policy.

All products are delivered monthly at no cost to the client and all items arrive in discreet packaging to ensure privacy.

Below is a the Aeroflow presentation on how its services can benefit NDBN-member basic needs banks and the clients they serve.

Ways To Get Started with Aeroflow Urology


To find out if you or someone in your care qualifies for free incontinence supplies through a Medicaid plan, please use the links below to fill out the Aeroflow Urology online form or call (888) 311-5541 to speak with a specialists who can assist you.

Diaper Banks

If you represent a diaper bank program and would like more information or materials on services available to the clients you serve, please contact Astrid Hall.

Share On Social Media

If you would like to share information with your clients via social media, be sure to include how your clients can sign up in the caption (, and tag Aeroflow Urology on Instagram and Facebook.

Print & Digital Handouts

Informational postcards with information on how to qualify for supplies are a great way to get step-by-step instructions directly to your clients and agency partners. Click on an image below to download one of the digital handouts or request printed handouts at [email protected].

What Bladder Control Products Does Medicaid Cover?


Diapers, also called disposable briefs for adults, have tab closures that allow easy changing without undressing completely. For young children, children with limited mobility, and wheelchair users, the tearable side panels make removal easier and more hygienic than pull-ups/pull-ons.


Also called pull-ons or pull-ups, are a form of absorbent, disposable underwear with stretchy waist and leg openings. These products don’t have fasteners or tabs and work well for older, mobile children who prefer a product closely resembling typical cloth underwear.


Also known as chux, underpads protect furniture such as mattresses or car seats from leaks. They have a soft, absorbent layer on top, with a liquid-proof barrier on the bottom.

Disposable Wipes

Moist towelettes that can help make clean up easier and sanitary. 

Barrier Creams

Creams that moisturize, lubricate, protect skin from rashes, and maintain skin integrity while using incontinence products.

Please note that a child’s coverage for the above products will vary depending on their specific Medicaid plan and the state.