Annual Conference Program

2018 Program Information


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Building Diverse and Inclusive Boards and Organizations
Leading People to Success: Set Processes for Human Resources from A to Z
Self-care for Nonprofit Leaders: Special Extended Plenary Session Presented by Huggies
ReBranding NDBN: Get the Lowdown on NDBN’s Dynamic Future Brand Identity


Find a Friend: A session to network with leaders from diaper banks of similar size and stage.
Meet your Neighbors: A session to network with regional diaper banks and programs.


Grow Your Mission

Every day, passionate diaper bank leaders dedicate their work to advancing our communities’ most vulnerable populations. However, without the critical knowledge and resources in areas like fundraising, board governance, and volunteer recruitment, their causes may fall short of their potential. This panel will discuss the best practices that every leader needs to manage their diaper program and grow their mission.

What’s Equity Got to Do with It?

NDBN members have a vision of ensuring all children have enough clean diapers, but that vision can feel so far from a possible reality. We are helping so many families, but it can feel frustrating to know there are so many others that we aren’t helping. Our reality isn’t fair and it isn’t just because everyone does not have access to the resources they need in order to thrive; it turns out, when these things are reality, this is the definition of equity. We’ll explore this buzz word equity and discuss how to move toward making equity a reality by transforming the way we do our work so we can actually ensure all children have their basic needs met.

Fundraising and Development – From Diapers to Dollars

With the right development plan, you can ask your community to financially support your organization. This session will cover how to create a development plan and who should help. The presentation will also discuss stewardship with funders, corporate donors, and major individual donors, from how to identify these donors, to retaining and nourishing these critical relationships. Attendees will leave with sample development plans, a better understanding of how to ask for gifts, and a calendar plan based on their event schedule.

You’ve Got Donations Coming In…Now What?

You’ve set your organization up as a 501c3 and donations are rolling in. Now what?! In this session, we’ll go through some fundraising basics like how and why to track your donors, processes to accept donations, and the power of a well-done thank you. We’ll also discuss where to look for help and training in becoming a rockstar development professional for your organization. If you can master the fundamentals of fundraising now, you’ll be setting yourself up for growth and success in the future!

Out of the Wilderness: Diaper Bank Warehousing 101

This session discusses the nuts and bolts of Diaper Bank warehousing. We will talk about space considerations, equipment, human and material resources, and ways to creatively mange your inventory, even if you don’t (yet!) have the warehouse of your dreams.

Kindergartners to CEOs: Build a Comprehensive Community Engagement Strategy

Learn how to build a community engagement strategy that engages diverse groups to meet the concrete needs of your organization. This presentation will highlight ways to analyze your current strategy, set and track your progress to goals, market your organization to different audiences, and suggest new and creative ways to fill gaps in your inventory needs.

Head Start on Funds for Change

Bring your ideas and roll up your sleeves to get started on crafting a Funds for Change grant application that NDBN’s review committee can’t refuse. Learn the fundamentals of grant writing in this very practical session that will put your proposal in the fast lane to funding.

Create and Maintain a Healthy and Productive Workplace

Managing a team is an art. Personnel problems can sap time and energy from an organization, and no nonprofit has resources to spare. Creating a great work environment will help with staff retention and productivity. Happy people are good workers. Happy people stay put. We will explore together some ways to create a great environment for workers, without having to pay them the big bucks. This will be a panel style presentation to give you different perspectives. Audience participation will be welcome.

Innovations in Service Delivery that Improve Impact

Scaling impact with limited resources requires the willingness to consider new forms of partnership and service delivery. Drawing on five service delivery pilots with adjusted models of partner pick-up, order intake, and predictability of service, we will walk through examples of best practices, consider outcomes, and discuss lessons learned. Attendees will have opportunities to discuss challenges to increasing impact within their own organization’s current service models and apply concepts from the presentation to brainstorm responses to those challenges with their peers.

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