Diaper Need Awareness Week


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What is Diaper Need Awareness Week?

Diaper Need Awareness Week is an initiative created by the National Diaper Bank Network to bring national attention and mobilize efforts to end diaper need, a hidden consequence of poverty. 

Individuals, health professionals, community groups, and others can use this week to sponsor events and stimulate awareness of health issues related to diaper need. The goals include:

  • Raise awareness and support efforts to educate people about diaper need, including risk factors and related repercussions 
  • Encourage people and interested groups and organizations to observe and support Diaper Need Awareness Week through appropriate programs and activities to promote public awareness of, and potential solutions for, diaper need


How you can get involved:

Here are a few things you can do to help educate yourself and others as well as raise awareness for diaper need in your community:


For more information, check out our Diaper Need Awareness Week blog!





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