Disaster Relief



NDBN Prepared to Provide Disaster Relief

The National Diaper Bank Network is well prepared to respond to large natural disasters in 2018 and beyond.   

In response to the devastation caused by hurricanes in 2017, the National Diaper Bank Network coordinated targeted relief efforts to get supplies to families and babies in need.  In addition to the ongoing recovery efforts in Houston and Florida, NDBN continues to work on getting diapers and other material basic needs to children and families living in Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean

In 2017, NDBN helped fill two cargo planes destined for Puerto Rico.  In addition, we were provided space on shipping containers sent out of Florida directly to help families in Tortola, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Martin, and St. Thomas.

While there were no active NDBN member diaper banks in these locations in 2017, NDBN partnered with several organizations including the National Association of Christian Churches (NACC) and Operation Compassion to get supplies to areas that were devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Today, NDBN is providing assistance to help establish the Diaper Bank of Puerto Rico, a new organization that will provide ongoing support for families experience diaper need.  


NDBN prepared and staged relief help before Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida.

We worked with our local member diaper banks to distribute supplies to families hit hardest by the storm.  We deployed diapers across the state to NDBN member diaper banks, including Baby Basics of Collier County (Naples), BabyCycle (St. Petersburg), Junior League of Boca Raton, and Treasure Coast Food Bank (Fort Pierce).

The diaper banks distributed supplies to those families, hit especially hard by the storm, living in migrant communities, trailer parks, and the Florida Keys.


Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on shipping routes and disrupted families’ access to diapers even in communities spared by flood waters. NDBN coordinated with our member diaper banks across a broad area to ensure we could meet the needs of displaced families.

Through our Network, we shipped truckloads of diapers to member diaper banks across Texas, including Austin Diaper Bank, Baby Booties Diaper Bank (McKinney), Fort Bend Diaper Bank (Richmond), Galveston Diaper Bank, Hope Supply Co. (Dallas), Houston Diaper Bank, NACC (Pasadena), and Texas Diaper Bank (San Antonio).

NDBN also coordinated efforts with FEMA, state and local officials. Plus we helped mobilize NDBN member diaper banks to provide supplies to families in shelters and those displaced by the storm.

In March of 2018, NDBN worked with Huggies, Walgreens and Texas Diaper Bank to deliver and distribute 250,000 diapers to families in Houston.  

We are truly thankful for the public support for our efforts. We will continue to help families as they work to rebuild.  Together, we are bringing hope to families struggling in the wake of these disasters.

Thank you!


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The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) is expanding its emergency diaper relief efforts in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  We are working with our corporate donors and our member diaper bank programs to deliver millions of diapers to children and families impacted by the storms. Our efforts in Texas and Florida are ongoing. We are coordinating efforts in Puerto Rico as well, and we are prepared to respond to the needs of additional communities impacted by the storms once it is safe to do so.   

NDBN is helping corporations, including our founding sponsor Huggies (Kimberly-Clark), direct donations of material basic need items (feminine care, adult incontinence, baby care and personal care goods) to locations where they are most needed.  

Along with our family of more than 300 diaper banks throughout the country, NDBN is also providing expert guidance to individuals and communities asking how to help the children and families impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. 

We encourage all of our collective supporters to make cash contributions to NDBN, which will be used to direct donated goods to certified NDBN member diaper bank programs actively serving communities in Texas and Florida. The NDBN member organizations involved in the efforts include:

In Texas: Austin Diaper Bank, Baby Booties Diaper Bank (McKinney), Fort Bend Diaper Bank (Richmond), Galveston Diaper Bank, Hope Supply Co. (Dallas), Houston Diaper Bank, NACC (Pasadena), and Texas Diaper Bank (San Antonio).

In Florida: Baby Basics of Collier County (Naples), BabyCycle (St. Petersburg), and Treasure Coast Food Bank (Fort Pierce).

NDBN does not have an active member diaper bank program in Puerto Rico, therefore we are coordinating efforts with other relief organizations to get diapers and supplies to the island.  

Donated dollars help offset trucking and shipping costs associated with the delivery of donated product to where it is most needed. The immediate need is great. Plus, NDBN will continue to provide support to impacted families in the days, weeks and months to come.

No donation is too small, as we firmly believe small things impact big things.  All babies deserve clean diapers. 

“Disasters give rise to what I call situational poverty. A family that was once secure finds themselves with nothing but the clothes on their back. The organizations that will help that family get back on their feet – the food banks, the diaper banks, the shelters – are already in the community helping people who live in persistent poverty. Their ability to respond depends on how well their community supports them in ordinary times.”

Joanne Goldblum, CEO National Diaper Bank Network



At the National Diaper Bank Network, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do. We restrict funding that we receive for disaster relief to be used solely for our response to get diapers and other basic needs to families affected by the disaster. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, NDBN will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need.

When diaper banks provide one of a baby’s basic needs, we help moms succeed.