2020 Workshops & Sessions

The 2020 U.S Conference on Poverty and Basic Needs will feature a wide variety of professional presentations that address important issues facing today’s diaper banking and child advocacy community. Stay tuned to learn more about 2020’s presentations.


  • Period Poverty Among School-Age Menstruators
  • Working with Corporate Donors and Regional Businesses
  • Demonstrating Impactful Period Supply Programs
  • Working with Community Agencies and Distribution Partners
  • Focus on People: Direct Distribution and Populations in Need
  • Leverage Your GuideStar Profile to Achieve Funding Success
  • Anxiety and Depression during the Pandemic: The Impact on the people we serve and the people who serve.
  • Understanding Disaster Philanthropy
  • Effective Communications Strategies During a Crisis and Emergency
  • Board Development 201
  • 8 Steps for Cultivating Relationships with Individual Donors
  • What Mothers Would Tell  Diaper Banks and Policymakers
  • Be Flexible & Use Collaboration to Grow
  • Diaper Banks and Early Childhood Literacy
  • National Diaper Banks Economic Impact Program
  • Partner Agency Fees and Alternatives
  • Sustainable Expansion: Services and Service Areas

* These sessions are tentative and may change.

View the full printable schedule of the 2020 conference here.