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Baby Diaper Facts by State


Congress is taking on “diaper need,” a hidden consequence of poverty that impacts one in three U.S. families, and the well-being of babies everywhere.

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., have introduced the Hygiene Assistance for Families of Infants and Toddlers Act of 2017. The proposed legislation would make available Federal grant funds for States to create, administer and evaluate innovative programs that provide access to one of the most basic needs of every infant and toddler, clean diapers.

Below are infographics how states stack up when it comes to diapers and helping improve the well-being of babies and families.



Alabama   PDF  

Alaska   PDF   

Arizona   PDF   

Arkansas   PDF  

California   PDF   

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Connecticut   PDF   

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District of Columbia   PDF 

Florida   PDF   

Georgia   PDF  

Hawaii   PDF 

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Illinois   PDF 

Indiana  PDF   

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Louisiana   PDF   

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Maryland   PDF  

Massachusetts   PDF  

Michigan   PDF  

Minnesota   PDF  

Mississippi   PDF  

Missouri   PDF   

Montana   PDF   

Nebraska   PDF   

Nevada   PDF   

New Hampshire   PDF   

New Jersey   PDF   

New Mexico   PDF  

New York   PDF  

North Carolina   PDF  

North Dakota   PDF   

Ohio   PDF   

Oklahoma   PDF  

Oregon   PDF  

Pennsylvania   PDF   

Rhode Island   PDF  

South Carolina   PDF  

South Dakota   PDF  

Tennessee   PDF   

Texas   PDF  

Utah   PDF  

Vermont   PDF  

Virginia   PDF  

Washington   PDF 

West Virginia   PDF  

Wisconsin   PDF  

Wyoming   PDF  

When diaper banks provide one of a baby’s basic needs, we help moms succeed.