Start a Diaper Bank

Are You Ready to Help Children and Families in Your Community?

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) is here to help you assess the need in your community. Equally important, we are here to help you determine how to gauge the level of support for such efforts in your community.  Our goal is to help create sustainable diaper bank programs.

If your goal is to establish a NDBN member diaper bank or pantry, you’ll want to consider NDBN service areas and benchmarks.

What Are Service Areas?

Diaper need is pervasive in most all communities throughout the United States. Diaper banks are needed in most all communities from frontier areas to densely populated urban cities.  Before you begin, it is important – mostly for the community in need – that you reach out to any NDBN-member organizations near the area you plan to serve. NDBN commits to helping its members grow through smart and sustainable planning. Sometimes this includes regional and state-wide expansion. Whenever possible, we welcome the opportunity to help you contribute your skills and talents to an existing NDBN project.

    • If you’re passionate about starting your own independent diaper program from the ground up, NDBN and any nearby members can help identify a service area in need of support.

What Are Benchmarks?

In order to become a certified NDBN-member diaper bank program, all organizations must demonstrate nonprofit best practices and diaper program milestones. These benchmarks cover four key areas:

    • Governance
    • Participation
    • Fundraising and Finance
    • Advocacy

If your team is interested in striving to demonstrate these benchmarks, NDBN staff are ready to provide support and assistance to help your program become a certified NDBN member.

All NDBN member organizations adhere to or demonstrate the benchmarks. (Although it’s not required, most members strive to achieve additional benchmarks, above and beyond these, as their programs succeed.)

Top Photo Credit: Austin Diaper Bank