Leading Research into 2023 & Beyond

The National Diaper Bank Network and the Alliance for Period Supplies are committed to leading and advancing academic research that helps to inform policies and programs.

Since its founding in 2011, the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) has become recognized as the foremost authority on diaper need and its impact on children and families living in the United States. NDBN has led and/or worked in conjunction with academic researchers to better understand the consequences of diaper need. In 2019, the organization revised and expanded its mission to focus on material basic necessities.

Today, NDBN is engaged in and supports research that increases understanding of the impact, accessibility and equitable distribution of material basic necessities among individuals, children and families living in poverty and/or economically stressed conditions.

Our goal is to advance applied, policy-relevant research that leads to well-informed and well-funded public policies and programs that ensure all people have access to the material basic necessities they need to thrive and reach their full potential.

Currently, NDBN is leading multiple major initiatives, including the release of The NDBN Diaper Check 2023: Diaper Insecurity among U.S. Children and Families, the first national study on diaper need since 2017.

National Basic Needs Research Council

Bringing together research scientists from multiple disciplines to increase understanding of the issues of basic needs and material hardship using a multi-generational perspective.

National Diaper Bank Economic Impact Study

The first fully-funded national study assessing the economic and fiscal impacts of free diaper distribution to families in need, offered NDBN member diaper banks the opportunity to participate in breakthrough research with local, state and national implications. Results are expected to be released in 2023

The NDBN Diaper Check 2023

Released in June 2023, The NDBN Diaper Check 2023: Diaper Insecurity among U.S. Children and Families reports that nearly half (47%) of U.S. families with young children struggle to afford diapers. The study illustrates the need for transformative policy changes to address this public health crisis.

Library for Material Basic Needs Research

Comprehensive repository of local, regional and national research related to material basic needs, and their impact on the physical, mental, and economic well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Top photo: Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry, Memphis.