Who We Are

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) provides basic necessities required to build the strong foundations all children, families, and individuals need to thrive and reach their full potential.

We work in partnership with our Network of diaper banks, allied programs, donors, sponsors, and elected officials to end diaper need and period poverty in the United States.

We Believe

  • in facts from the head, and truth from the heart;
  • that little actions get bigger, when you put them together;
  • that need deserves a closer look; and,
  • that real change begins with real talk.

In March 2019, NDBN unveiled a new look and new voice that reflects the evolution of our organization. It centers around the common asterisk.

In the English language the asterisk is used to bring attention to a footnote of omitted matter. The footnote is often written in small print-unseen, ignored, and unnoticed. We are flipping the usage of the asterisk and embracing a new interpretation.

National Diaper Bank Network brings attention to the small things that matter…the facts and the needs that are being overlooked…the basic necessities that are unmet.

We invite you to use your voice and become a part of our movement.


NDBN’s Mission

Through awareness, assistance, and community, the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) is dedicated to helping individuals, children and families access the basic necessities they require to thrive and reach their full potential. Our strategic priorities include:

  • Ending diaper need, period poverty, and the lack of access to other material basic necessities in the U.S., and maintaining and expanding NDBN’s position as the recognized authority on issues and solutions related to the lack of material basic necessities.
  • Advancing public policy solutions through advocacy, legislation, research & evaluation.
  • Building the capacity of our national network to end diaper need, period poverty, and lack of access to material basic necessities in the U.S.
    • supporting the development and expansion of community-based basic needs banks throughout the country.
  • Sustaining NDBN’s organizational strength, strong reputation and financial health in order to end diaper need, period poverty, and the lack of access to other material basic necessities in the U.S.

In May 2018, NDBN launched the Alliance for Period Supplies. The organization helps ensure that individuals in need have access to essential period products required to fully participate in daily life.


Our History

What began with a small group of like-minded civic leaders who collected and gave out free diapers to struggling families in their local communities is now the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN).  Recognized as the foremost authority on diaper need in America, NDBN leads a national movement to address the lack of material basic needs among children and families living in poverty.

NDBN and its more than 240 member diaper bank programs distributed more than 240 million donated diapers in 2023.

Without clean diapers:

  • babies are exposed to potential health risks and toxic stress;
  • mothers are at risk for increased maternal depression;
  • parents are unable to access child care, which require a daily supply of diapers; and,
  • parents miss work or school.

NDBN began operation in 2011, following a series of meetings between the founders of what is today The Diaper Bank of Connecticut (North Haven, Conn.), WestSide Baby (Seattle), Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona (Tucson), and St. Paul Diaper Bank Partnership (McHenry, Ill.), and members of the Huggies® Leadership Team. Together they formed the National Diaper Bank Network.

NDBN’s initial mission was to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of diaper need, to help new and existing diaper banks grow to meet the needs of local communities, and to secure resources that help get diapers to babies in need.

As the founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network, Huggies continues its support to help end diaper need through its No Baby Unhugged® campaign. Each year, Huggies donates more than 20 million diapers to NDBN and its member diaper bank programs. To date, Huggies has donated more than 300 million diapers and wipes to support families throughout the country who struggle with diaper need.

The diaper bank movement of today includes more than 240 member diaper bank programs assisting families in 50 U.S. states, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Beginnings of the Diaper Bank Movement

The genesis of the diaper bank movement extends back to 1994, when Resolve, Inc., a small consulting firm in Tucson, Arizona, held a diaper drive during the holiday season to assist a local crisis nursery.

Encouraged by the enthusiastic response, and the subsequent demand for emergency diaper assistance, the firm gained an understanding of how the community could come together and help solve a simple problem. The executives at Resolve made the December Diaper Drive an annual tradition, and within five years they were collecting 300,000 diapers during the drive and distributing the diapers to families at 30 local social service agencies. In 2000, the diaper drive effort was spun off into an independent nonprofit organization, the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, the nation’s first diaper bank.

In 2004, Joanne Samuel Goldblum, a social worker in New Haven, Conn., adopted the Arizona model to found The Diaper Bank (today known as The Diaper Bank of Connecticut) in response to the desperate need for diapers that she witnessed in her work with impoverished families. Like many others since, Joanne created and operated the fledgling organization from her home. Subsequently, The Diaper Bank grew and became the nation’s largest diaper bank program. Today, The Diaper Bank of Connecticut distributes more than 2.5 million clean diapers annually to struggling families throughout central and southern Connecticut.

The success of these two diaper bank programs inspired similar efforts throughout the country. With growing awareness of diaper need, small but passionate groups of people responded. Some groups held diaper drives, others went on to found independent diaper banks in their respective communities.

Today, NDBN-member diaper bank programs and the diaper bank movement reflect the diversity that is the United States. The diaper bank movement is nonpolitical and welcomes people and groups of all political persuasions. Many programs operate and receive support from places of worship, others are run by civic and philanthropic groups, and some are extensions of existing poverty-related relief agencies and organizations. All are committed to collecting, warehousing, and distributing diapers to children and families struggling with diaper need.


Based in New Haven, Connecticut, National Diaper Bank Network employs a full-time staff of experienced professionals to advocate, support, and lead.  We are here to provide our expertise to our member diaper banks and allied programs throughout the country as well as policymakers and elected officials. And, we are here to help individuals, children and families living in poverty access the basic necessities they need to thrive and reach their full potential.

Meet Our Team


Joanne GoldblumChief Executive Officer

Molly BoydDirector of Corporate Relations

Lynn Comer, Director of Evaluations and Outcomes

Zoey Craft, Manager of Legislative Policy

Jennifer Gaines, Manager of National Engagement

Lacey Gero, Director of Government Relations


[Photo to come]

Briana Haas, Director of External Affairs


Tamara KillianChief of Development


Keza Lawrence, Finance and Purchasing Manager


Britney Lowe, Logistics Coordinator


Mary MadouleProgram Manager



Hope Martin, Chief of Finance and Operations



Kelley Massengale, Director of Research and Statistics

Troy MooreChief of External Affairs

Alicia Napierkowski, Communications Coordinator


Sydney Phillips, Digital Communications Manager


Karina Rasux, Development Assistant

Laura Rathbone, Training Coordinator

Gabby Robinson, Program Coordinator

Rachel SegaloffDirector of Philanthropy 

Melissa Sperber, Director of Finance and Administration 

Susan Van NessChief of Programs


Malasia Williams, Evaluations Coordinator 

Board of Directors

Kevin Faulkner

Corporate Attorney and Software Executive
Pebble Beach, California

Toni Harp

Former Mayor
City of New Haven
New Haven, Connecticut

Ellen Raim

Chief People Officer
Portland, Oregon

Amy Daly Donovan

Immediate Past Chair
Principal and Owner
Daly-Donovan Consulting
Seattle, Washington

Bobby Agarwal

Head of Marketing
TikTok Shop US
Bellevue, Washington

Bill Andoe

Executive Director
Emergency Infant Services
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Vesta Godwin Clark

Executive Director
St. James Social Services Corporation
Newark, New Jersey

Vicki Clark

Building the Capacity of Organizations
Memphis, Tennessee

Theresa Cowing

VP of eCommerce
Tarte Cosmetics
New York City, New York

Fran Held

Executive Director
Mitzvah Circle
Landsdale, Pennsylvania

John Householter

Developement Director Major Gifts
Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
Fort Worth, Texas

Chelesa Presley

Executive Director
Diaper Bank of the Delta
Clarksdale, Mississippi

Jacqueline Smith

Executive Director
JSL Medical Products Group
Dallas, Texas

Phillip Vander Klay

Legislative and Regulatory Liaison
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
Los Angeles, California

Laura Welsh

Community Relations Consultant
Kimberly-Clark North America
Appleton, Wisconsin

Diana Wong

VP of Marketing
San Mateo, California

Joanne Samuel Goldblum

Ex Officio
Chief Executive Officer
National Diaper Bank Network
New Haven, Connecticut