What’s accepted?

When it comes to making a difference in the lives of families and infants, donating diapers is a direct and impactful way to help. The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) and its  network of more than 225 member diaper banks throughout the US, collect and distribute diapers to families in need. Understanding what types of donations are accepted by our members and where to donate is essential.

NDBN members accept both opened and unopened packages of diapers. If you’re looking to donate an open package, ensure that the diapers either have the size printed on them, or you still have some original packaging to show the size of the diapers. This enables the diaper bank to repack the diapers and provide families in need with  the correct size of diaper for their child.

If you have a package of unopened diapers, have a copy of your receipt, and are struggling to afford more diapers, we suggest you check the return policy of the store where you purchased the diapers. Most retailers will accept returns or exchanges on unopened diaper packages. If you have a package of diapers that you cannot return or would like to donate to a family in need, you can locate a diaper bank near you on our member page. If you’re looking for additional ways to get involved and support a diaper bank, you may be interested in hosting a diaper drive.

Diaper Drives

Diaper drives provide engaging opportunities to garner community support and collect a significant number of diapers in a short period of time.  Anyone can organize a diaper drive be they individuals, civic groups, businesses, or religious institutions, all support is welcomed!  By establishing collection points in accessible locations, organizers become pivotal ambassadors for diaper banks, nurturing a sense of solidarity and generosity within the community.

If you are interested in organizing a diaper drive, tips and resources on NDBN’s website page, Host a Diaper Drive. This “how to” guide  provides all the necessary information to start a successful diaper drive whether you’re an individual or part of a larger group.

Where To Donate Diapers

If you’re wondering where to donate diapers, visit nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org to find a member diaper bank that can accept your donation. There are more than 225 community-based diaper banks throughout the US that collect, store, and distribute free diapers to families in need. Collectively, diaper banks help improve the lives of more than  280,000 children every month. The NDBN member directory can help you find the nearest diaper bank, and make your contribution to this vital cause both easy and convenient.

Uniting Communities for a Cause

Not everyone may be able to donate diapers directly, but there are other ways to contribute. Monetary donations are equally valuable and can be made through NDBN’s general donation page. Additionally, you can learn how to host a fundraiser to help end diaper need by visiting our website and the fundraiser creation page.

Beyond donations, advocacy is also a powerful tool. By reaching out to elected officials and asking them to help support policies and legislation to help end diaper need, you can advocate for babies and families.NDBN’s advocacy toolkit provides guidance on how to make your voice heard by  policymakers.

Whether through diaper donations, financial support, hosting drives, or advocacy, there are numerous ways to contribute to the well-being of families and infants. The National Diaper Bank Network offers multiple avenues for involvement, ensuring that your efforts make a real difference in the lives of children and families in need.